The opening of "The Gravedigger's Song"

On the Edge People here know me as Aiden, but that’s not my name. I chose it when I came to this town. Part of my new beginning. That’s one of the advantages of coming to a new place. Nobody knows who you are, so you can be anyone you want. What I wanted to be was organized but laid back, and Aiden sounded like the name of someone who displayed those qualities. Approachable. Safe. In class I pretty much fade into the background. I try to sit in the middle, but not the exact middle. Maybe a little back. I don’t like people sitting behind me, but if I sit too far back I have a hard time paying attention. That creepy feeling of having someone staring at the back of my head keeps me alert. On edge. And that’s important. Never lose your edge. That’s when things start to fall into chaos and you lose control. At the gym, nobody knows me, and that’s fine too. I like the idea of coming in each morning like a ghost, working out, then leaving without anybody seeing me. When I walk by, maybe someo

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"The Gravedigger's Song" published to much acclaim

Check it out

"Inhabitants" is finally done

Years of writing and procrastinating have finally paid off.

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